Education is the most important and very first activities of Payra Social Foundation. Payra started activities with one project of Education. “Scholarship Project” is the first project of Payra Social Foundation. Some of the members of payra collect some small fund and give one-time scholarship to the student who attended in School Secondary Certificate (SSC) exam. In 2011 the number of scholarship student only 4

Health/ Medical Service

Health or provide medical service is one of the most important activities of Payra Social foundation. Payra social Foundation gives some initial medical service to the mass people like blood group check, diabetes check, free medical camp, free medical seminar etc. Payra feels that most of the rural people don’t get enough medical service from govt or others NGO type organizations that’s why Payra open the project to the mass people.

Disaster Management

This strategy articulates the implementation arrangements of Bangladesh country and local contexts depending on the needs of disasters affected and vulnerable communities across the country. Payra Social Foundation envisages utilizing the guiding principles for the implementation of the national disaster risk reduction strategy reflecting the local context and types of disasters and its impact of people’s life and livelihood.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an ethical framework and suggests that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large.  So, Payra Social Foundation has some responsibility to the people of our world. That’s why Payra started the project from 2013. Payra has done several projects of Social responsibility.

Project Newspaper

Payra Social Foundation take another step to improve knowledge of villagers of Askor. We know that Newspaper is the store house of knowledge. so, the Foundation believes, if we provide a newspaper board in the Market of Askor the villagers can read out the current national and international news and stay updated.

All the Project handle by the Secretary of Payra Social Foundation, Askor Branch Mr.Prince Bagchi
The idea of newspaper board from the Chief Adviser of Payra Mr. Shanto Roy
The Board ingrate at 8th April 2015.

Financed by the member of Payra Social Foundation:
1. Bimal Mallik
2.Reza Foyez
3. Deloar Shah
4. Suboth Barai(President)
5. Manir Khan