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Payra Social Welfare

“Payra Social welfare” is a completely non-political, non-profit organization. It works in economically weaker students, disaster management, health, and other social activities in Bangladesh.

Our beloved motherland Bangladesh is still backward in many ways than the developed countries of the world. There are many problems related to illiteracy, prejudice, poverty, undisclosed industries, backward linkage system etc. So we do not stop. People never stop. In spite of many problems, when we saw the news in newspapers and various media outlets that some children of poor parents are working as a cobbler for their education costs, pulling rickshaw or working as servant only for living and achieve the best position in the class we feel proud and new hope. Again, it is seen in the news that a teacher is teaching without salary and selling labor at a brick field for livelihood. It is also published that a poor rickshaw pulls up all his savings in charitable medical center. The news touches our heart, feels persecution in the heart. As a society man, do something for other people. We have a kind of responsibility that we get as much as possible from society, but how much do we give or want to give? We believe that we have responsibilities for other people in society as a social person. From this realization in 2011, a few students, young people gathered and decided to do something for the people. So, with our small financial savings and collaboration, on 1 February 2011 unanimously, we formed a completely non-profit, non-political and volunteer organization.

We believe that the positive ethical change of the people is the change in the country and society. There is no substitute of 100 percent educated and resourceful people for bringing this desired change and creating a prosperous society.

Therefore, the main goal of our overall program is to provide necessary help to the students who are not being able to study due to lack of education or to be deprived of education for other reason, and to arrange emergency volunteers for the people during a national and natural disaster. Our dream is a well-educated rich human society. The source of our inspiration for implementing our dreams is those great people who have been unselfishly working to form a human society and are still doing it. We respect the great people who have given their lives to love this country and people.

All works of Payra Social Welfare is governed by seven principles. Principles are:

  1. Humanity 2. Education 3. Sacrifice 4. Service 5. Friendship 6. Equality 7. Nonviolence.

The main objective of the Payra Social Welfare is to combine one or more activities in Bangladesh to create a 100 percent well-educated nation; Regularization of the education of students with disabilities in the society or deprived from educational rights, stop dropping out from education and overall cooperation for higher education. Besides, regular health care medical check-up, blood group and other diseases as a part of the health program. During a natural disaster, members of Payra Social Welfare volunteer. Payra Social Welfare is always associated with social responsibility and will always be involved.

Fund Collection:

Currently, Payra Social Welfare’s fund or source of funds is registered member’s money of one day by starving. Some big-hearted people are attached with Payra Social Welfare who donates periodically for the scholarship and main expenses of any program.

Report of last Eleven Years

  1. In the last 11 years, we helped 129 poor meritorious students to seat in the S.S.C. examination with registration fees, education materials and psychological inspiration.
  2. As a non-profit social service organization we had applied for registration under the Ministry of Social Welfare.
  3. From 9th grade to S.S.C. examination, Two Years Education for the students has been introduced.
  4. Special education is being given at the Higher Secondary level.
  5. Blood-Group identifying and full-free health care is opened.

At a glance

  • Association name: Payra Social Welfare.
  • Nature: Non-profit, charitable organization
  • Job fields: Education, health, disaster management, social responsibility.
  • Total scholarships: 129 people
  • Membership: 54 people
  • Education: In the last 11 years, 129 students will meet the S.S.C. forms and later on Assistance with education materials.
  • Social work: Establishment of a Newspaper board at Askar Kalibari Bazar arranges to read Newspaper through.
  • Health: For health development full-free health care is opened.

Current Events

  • We want to start a Kinder Garden School in the rural area of Askar village of Agailjhara Thana in Barisal district.
  • We want to establish a modern library in Askar Kalibari Bazaar.
  • We also want to establish a vocational school for street children of Dhaka city.

Mission & Vision

  • To motivate the people for reading books through Library movement.
  • Spread out activities of this Organization over the world.


We some unemployed young men once devoted ourselves for the aid of unfortunate people with a big-dream, now that dream is our promise. We now work under this humanitarian organization hope your cordial assistance.

Thank You

Payra Social Welfare

Dhaka, Bangladesh